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Fluoro Refrigerant Gas

The offered range of Fluoro Refrigerant Gas is popular for its 100% purity and accurate composition. It is appreciated for its non-flammable, non-toxic, odorless and colorless qualities. Apart from this, our offered is utilized as a cooling agent in air-conditioning systems, ventilators, refrigerators and other cooling units. This product is considered to be a substitute to CFC-12 and has longer service life, reliability as well as easy applications. Our Fluoro Refrigerant Gas is best suitable for scroll, rotary screw, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. Furthermore, it is also utilized as fire extinguishing agent and aerosol propellent in paints and pesticides. This gas is anti-corrosive in nature and safe for handling due to its non-combustible properties. It goes through transition phase from liquid to gas and back again.

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R404A Fluoro Refrigerant Gas

Price: 405 INR/Kilograms

Short desR404A Refrigerant. R404A is a HFC blend, used as a replacement for R502 and R22 in low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. Although it is a popular refrigerant, R404A is under great scrutiny due to its high Global Warming Potential (GWP).c

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R134A Fluoro Refrigerant Gas

Price: 225 INR/Piece

R134a is also known as Tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) from the family of HFC refrigerant. With the discovery of the damaging effect of CFCs and HCFCs refrigerants to the ozone layer, the HFC family of refrigerant has been widely used as their replacement.


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